Welcome to Purple Finch!

The purple finch has most famously been described by birder and naturalist Roger Tory Peterson as a "sparrow dipped in raspberry juice."  Finches are friendly, noble little birds that can be found everywhere from mixed forests to suburban backyards.  Sound familiar?

Purple Finch Apparel creates unique designs that appeal to everyone--whether you're the outdoorsy type, a stylish urban dweller, or a combination of both.  While we have deep Canadian roots, we take a bird's eye view and want to make you stand out like that sparrow dipped in raspberry juice so you feel feisty, distinctive, and ready to take on the world.  

Our super soft t-shirts, crewneck sweaters, and hoodies are of premium quality and many of the designs have a slightly distressed print so they feel like they've been part of your wardrobe forever.  All of our apparel is designed and screen printed in Alberta.